Several years ago, Zyllem introduced a groundbreaking feature on our platform that has reshaped logistics strategies for businesses across Asia, including the Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia. This innovative capability allows us to honor country-based road regulations, adapting to diverse schemes like Indonesia’s Ganjil-Genap and Manila’s UVVRP number coding, alleviating traffic woes and ensuring seamless deliveries.

Here are some of the reasons our customers love it:

Ability to incorporate custom rules and vehicle profiles into the Dynamic Planning algorithm

Zyllem understands that every business has unique logistics requirements. With our platform, you have the power to incorporate custom rules and vehicle profiles into the Dynamic Planning algorithm. This level of customization ensures that the planning process aligns precisely with your business needs. Whether it’s specific vehicle types, delivery windows, or other variables, Zyllem allows you to tailor the planning algorithm to fit your operations like a glove.

Recognition of city-specific traffic coding schemes for assigning deliveries to relevant vehicles on designated roads and at sanctioned times

Navigating the complex web of city-specific traffic coding schemes can be a logistical nightmare. Zyllem simplifies this process by recognizing and accommodating these schemes seamlessly. Our platform assigns deliveries to the most relevant vehicles, ensuring they travel on designated roads and operate during sanctioned times. This not only keeps you in compliance with local regulations but also optimizes the efficiency of your logistics operations within each city.

Significant time savings and less dependency among planners by eliminating manual accounting for road restrictions

Zyllem eliminates the need for manual accounting when it comes to road restrictions. This means significant time savings and reduced dependency on planners who would otherwise have to painstakingly factor in each regulation for every delivery. By automating this process, Zyllem empowers your team to focus on higher-level tasks, leading to a more efficient and streamlined logistics operation overall.

Improved accuracy in route planning

In logistics, accuracy is everything. Zyllem’s ability to honor country-based road regulations enhances the accuracy of your route planning. It ensures that your vehicles take the most efficient paths while adhering to all local traffic codes. As a result, you can expect not only on-time deliveries but also reduced transit times, ultimately saving you time and money in the long run.

Improved customer satisfaction

When your deliveries consistently arrive on time, even in areas with complex road regulations, your customers notice. Improved accuracy and compliance translate into improved customer satisfaction. With Zyllem, you can set a new standard for meeting delivery schedules, exceeding customer expectations, and building stronger, more loyal relationships with your clients.