In the fast-paced world of logistics, staying ahead of the curve is not just about keeping tabs on your shipments; it’s about taking control from the core. At Zyllem, we understand that for the modern enterprise, mere track and trace capabilities are no longer sufficient. While our platform provides next-level tracking for your deliveries, we recognize that track and trace is just one facet of a broader logistics transformation. ​

Take control from the core

Full control over your logistics network can only be achieved when it starts at the foundation. Zyllem TMS allows you to model your network from the core to the surface – from the organizational structure of your distribution network down to your delivery segments and each unique business process. Everything from your logistics operators, customer SLAs, rules and workflows can be configured and digitized. A change in processes would mean a change in configuration rather than a new cycle of software development – in short, customization with no coding required. By having control from the core, agility and visibility are inherent at every level of your logistic network. ​

Achieve a new level of agility

The past Covid crisis was a real test of agility for many businesses across industries. For our enterprise customers, new regulations had to be imposed throughout their logistics networks in a matter of days: new SOPs for drivers, enhanced contactless procedures, new methods of verification and proof of delivery, and so on. Without the right platform, implementing these changes in a timely and standardized way would be impossible. Many would be left scrambling to create new strategies and end up shifting their operations backwards. Fortunately, for Zyllem customers, implementing the said changes immediately was a practical task rather than an impossible feat. They were able to carry on with their operations with new regulations while keeping service quality and customer satisfaction at priority. Managing crisis and changes in your logistics network is easier when change is handled from the top down. With the right technology, what is urgent and critical isn’t always impossible. ​

Unlock your business intelligence

Many business are yet to discover the depth of business intelligence hidden in their logistics network. In Asia Pacific, we find that enterprises have an ecosystem of logistics partners that offer their services at a low cost. However, most local service providers do not have the means to provide them real-time access to their data. While this ecosystem helps enterprises maintain competitive pricing, compromising visibility is no longer an option.

The solution? A platform that allows enterprises to extend the technology to their logistics partners at no additional cost. As a Zyllem customer, you can provide your logistics partners with tools that allow them to operate digitally and efficiently, while synchronizing data in real-time. This includes tools for route planning, optimization, asset management, monitoring and analytics, and an ePOD system available on iOS and Android.

The result? The enterprise has access to data generated by their logistics network – access to data they never had before. All updates from logistics partners are channeled into one centralized platform. As an enterprise, you have full control on the access rights of these data among your internal and external stakeholders. Zyllem captures a wide range of information beyond track and trace that you can leverage to improve different aspects of your business. For instance, insights such as time and location compliance are made ready for you to consume.

Having access to the right data in a timely manner is crucial for businesses to unearth bottom-line issues and truly align their strategies with their customers’ needs and business goals.