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Zyllem helps you digitize and manage your transportation and logistics process across your own fleet and 3PL partners through one integrated platform.


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Zyllem is the leading logistics distribution platform for enterprises in Asia

Supporting over 30 million deliveries per year across a highly diverse region, we bring the power of our software and our expert team of solution consultants to fit our customers' business needs and requirements, ensuring seamless integration within the supply chain.

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the challenges we solve

you need better. faster. more transparent logistics.

Lack of Control and Visibility

Inadequate control over inbound to outbound operational processes, including those involving Third-Party Logistics (3PL) service providers, leads to decision-making challenges, inefficiencies, and potential disruptions in goods movement.

High Operational Costs

High operational costs, especially in e-commerce logistics, affect profitability. Adopting cost-effective solutions via technology, automation, and resource management is vital for efficiency and competitiveness.

Stagnation Amid Competition

Adapting to the evolving logistics landscape requires scalability, innovation, and strategic planning, facilitated by cloud-based solutions and AI-powered platforms, to ensure growth and sustained success in a competitive market.

The Zyllem platform

simplify your logistics processes.

The Zyllem power

leap ahead of your competition.

Digitize Your Logistics Network Across All Stakeholders

Replace manual planning and monitoring with a centralized platform that allows you to manage, operate, and implement track and trace functionalities for your entire logistics distribution network more efficiently.

Optimize Your Operations

Tailor your delivery strategies using advanced algorithms to meet specific objectives and preferred operating models, whether it's minimizing delivery time or maximizing cost-effectiveness.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Empower your business by leveraging end-to-end visibility through real-time data analytics to make informed decisions, anticipate customer needs, and continuously refine your logistics processes.

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