Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is notorious for its traffic congestion. To combat this issue and reduce traffic jams, the city implemented an odd-even traffic scheme. The scheme, also known as “Ganjil-Genap,” restricts certain vehicles from operating on Jakarta’s roads on specific days based on the last digit of their license plate numbers. While this traffic management system aims to reduce congestion, it presents significant challenges for logistics companies operating in the city. In this blog, we will delve into the complexities of Jakarta’s odd-even traffic scheme, the logistics hurdles it creates, and how Zyllem’s comprehensive suite of logistics solutions offers a viable path to navigate this challenge. ​

The Odd-Even Traffic Scheme and its Impact on Logistics

Jakarta’s odd-even traffic scheme is a well-intentioned initiative to alleviate traffic congestion. However, it poses several logistical challenges for businesses, especially those involved in last-mile delivery services. Under this system, vehicles are banned from the road on specific days, which disrupts regular delivery schedules. Logistics companies must adjust their operations, considering vehicle restrictions, to maintain efficiency while adhering to the traffic rules. Route planning and vehicle allocation become increasingly complex due to the changing availability of vehicles on any given day.

Challenges Faced by Logistics Companies

  • Route Optimization: The odd-even scheme necessitates adapting route planning to accommodate restrictions. Optimizing routes to minimize the impact on delivery schedules becomes a complex task.
  • Fleet Management: Ensuring that the correct vehicles, complying with the number coding scheme, are dispatched is a critical challenge for logistics companies.
  • Delivery Timing: Maintaining precise delivery schedules in the face of road restrictions is challenging. It requires real-time adjustments to ensure deliveries are not delayed.
  • Data Accuracy: An efficient data management system is crucial to track which vehicles are available on specific days. Errors can lead to non-compliance and possible fines.

Zyllem’s Comprehensive Logistics Solutions

Despite these challenges, logistics companies can overcome the odd-even traffic scheme with the right technology. Zyllem offers a comprehensive suite of logistics solutions that provide a path to efficient and compliant operations. ​

  • Transport Management Solution: Zyllem’s transport management software enables logistics companies to streamline their delivery operations by effectively managing routes and resources.
  • Last-Mile Delivery Solutions: Zyllem’s delivery management system is designed to optimize last-mile delivery, ensuring that goods reach their destination on time, even in the face of road restrictions.
  • Real-Time Transport Visibility: Zyllem offers real-time tracking capabilities, allowing logistics companies to monitor vehicle movements closely and adjust routes dynamically.
  • Route Planning and Vehicle Routing: The route planning and fleet routing features in Zyllem’s software empower companies to adapt to the odd-even traffic scheme efficiently.


Jakarta’s odd-even traffic scheme presents significant challenges to logistics companies in Indonesia, impacting efficient operations and timely deliveries. However, Zyllem, with its comprehensive transport management solutions, has been a beacon of hope for logistics companies grappling with these complexities. Through route planning, real-time transport visibility, and delivery management systems, Zyllem provides the essential tools to overcome the hurdles posed by the traffic scheme.

Zyllem’s impact extends beyond theoretical solutions; it has already proven its worth in helping companies like APL Zuellig Pharma in Indonesia navigate these challenges successfully. By harnessing Zyllem’s expertise and innovative technology, logistics businesses are not only able to comply with the intricate traffic rules but also maintain operational efficiency and timely delivery schedules. In a city where traffic congestion once hindered progress, Zyllem offers a comprehensive solution, ensuring that businesses can move forward smoothly and confidently in the face of Jakarta’s unique traffic management challenges.