Zyllem stands out from other platforms due to its ability to accommodate our needs and seamlessly integrate with our ERP system, including internal applications.
Berry Boen
Operational Director

Datascrip - Journey to Digitization

An Interview with Mr. berry Boen, Operational Director at Datascrip

The Beginning of Datascrip

Datascrip, a stalwart in the retail and distribution sectors since its inception in 1969, has been synonymous with reliability and excellence. With a widespread presence across Indonesia’s key cities, including Medan, Padang, Jambi, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Balikpapan, Makassar, and Manado, they have demonstrated unwavering dedication to delivering office and business products. On an average daily basis, they handle around 7,000 orders per month. However, challenges lurked beneath the surface, threatening their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Managing thousands of orders monthly, compounded by Jakarta’s notorious traffic and the complexities of modern markets, necessitated a transformative solution. Enter Zyllem—a digital revolution designed to redefine the landscape of logistics. 

Challenges in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Before Zyllem’s intervention, Datascrip’s logistical operations were entrenched in manual documentation. In this archaic system, the planning phase relied heavily on the subjective knowledge of fleet drivers for selecting delivery routes. Moreover, the inbound process for products was rudimentarily managed based on designated drop points, lacking the sophistication needed for efficient fleet management.

However, with the adoption of Zyllem, a digital transformation unfolded. Zyllem introduced a plethora of features that revolutionized Datascrip’s processes. Notably, it streamlined delivery procedures by offering diverse options for route planning and providing real-time monitoring capabilities. For instance, Zyllem facilitated on-the-field adjustments like fleet switching, resulting in reduced operational costs and overtime. Crucially, it also addressed logistical challenges unique to Jakarta, such as odd-even road regulations, thereby enhancing efficiency and adaptability.

Despite some lingering challenges, such as queues in modern markets, Zyllem provided invaluable insights by offering approximate wait times, allowing Datascrip to refine their delivery timelines and optimize operations further.

Transition from Manual Processes to a Digitized Platform

The transition from Datascrip’s original manual processes to utilizing Zyllem was a meticulous journey spanning approximately five months. Throughout this period, Datascrip underwent modifications to their existing in-house application to seamlessly integrate with Zyllem, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing the benefits of the new digital platform.

Zyllem’s customer success team played a pivotal role during this transition period, offering crucial support and guidance. Their responsiveness and expertise were exemplified when they swiftly accommodated Datascrip’s request to adjust to Indonesia’s odd-even vehicle policy, demonstrating their commitment to facilitating a seamless transition and ensuring Datascrip’s success in embracing digitalization.

The Future of Datascrip with Zyllem

Datascrip’s digitization journey with Zyllem has been transformative, propelling them towards greater efficiency and profitability. Zyllem’s implementation heralded a new chapter in their story, one defined by progress and success. As Datascrip looks towards the future, we hope that they do so with confidence, knowing that with Zyllem by their side, the possibilities are limitless. Embracing digitization has not only optimized their current operations but has also laid a solid foundation for future growth and innovation. With Zyllem’s future-proof solutions empowering their logistics processes, Datascrip is poised to navigate the challenges of tomorrow with ease and emerge as a leader in the industry.

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